Egyptra For Intermediate Industrial Commodities

Egyptra group is a family owned business that was established in 1980 and has been operating successfully in many industrial sectors and this allowed us to introduce Egyptra for intermediate industrial commodities in 2007.

We have more than 30 years experience in the field of raw materials and adding a value to many industrial sectors through our transparent  product flow.

We can always guarantee you professional handling, storage, packing and marking for our high quanlity products.


Our vision serves as a framework for our roadmap and guides every aspect of our business to meet our client’s requirement of high-quality products with shortest delivery time. 


Our mission is enduring, it declares our purpose as a company and serves as a standard in which  which we take our decisions through:

_ Logistics

 We have worldwide logistics partners that guarantee safe qualified transportation to our customers’ door. We organize just in time delivers efficiently and always at your disposable for possible urgencies.


Our strong network with the world’s big producer’s can guarantee you qualified products with competitive prices in varied quantities. 
Our quality awareness includes the following:


Material inspection conducted within test institute.


Certificates and approvals according to the international standard and guidelines.


Strong storage system that allows us to have stock of different quantities of materials available


Customized Packing and marking to suit every customer’s requirements

_ Credit risk coverage

We have our industrial international know how to structure many ways to cover your risk .

you can be assured that no matter the unpredictably of the situation, we are  always  your back bone to protect you and make you face the market  challenges successfully